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VR Spices

VR Spice, with over 13 years of experience in the market, has encountered challenges in maintaining a consistent packaging and brand identity. This inconsistency has hindered consumers from easily recognizing their products. To address this issue, our objective is to establish a fresh brand identity that not only distinguishes VR Spice in the market but also captivates the attention of consumers. This entails creating a logo that is versatile and impactful across various platforms and spaces.


Brand Identity, Stationary Design, & Packaging


Branding, Visual Identity & Type Design –

Packaging –

Spices: The Jewels
of Culinary Delight

Spices, much like precious jewelry, possess a transformative power. They have the remarkable ability to ignite the flavors of your culinary creations, much like a gemstone can make its owner radiant. These culinary gems not only infuse dishes with a burst of emotion but also elevate the overall dining experience, rendering them the luxurious essence of gastronomy.

The Naga Gold cardamoms are a product of VR spices which they are famous for in the market. In Order to represent with the new branding the Naga Gold was also given a new typeface logo and also the packaging design was in the lines of premium yet conventional for the local market. 

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